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Paul Rubin is an expert consultant in property disputes

Property Disputes

Property disputes occur. Some are unintentional while others, sadly, occur when an adjoining property owner either does something that degrades your property or sues you over what you have done on your own property. Examples range from altering drainage, to releasing contaminants, to intentionally constructing dams to flood neighbors. Others involve "taking" of property via eminent domain.
Leachate Contamination

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HydroQuest was asked to evaluate potential contaminant presence and migration from a site proposed for a major hotel. Technical evaluation involved geologic and hydrologic assessment, analysis of historic aerial photography, site characterization, and coordinated work with a chemist. The assessment documented a massive chemical waste site that had not been previously recognized. Over decades, chemical wastes were disposed in an abandoned quarry, much like the Love Canal site. Legal action was associated with these findings.

Other Work Projects Include:

Helping settle Property Disputes

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Helping settle Property Disputes

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