Paul Rubin is an expert Hydrologist, Karst Hydrologist, Geologist, and hydrogeologist
Paul Rubin is an expert geologist from the Hudson Valley NY


Geology is the scientific study of the earth, its origin and evolution, the rocks that make up the crust, and processes that act on it. Together, they control such things as rates of groundwater movement, river characteristics, building and ground stability, earthquakes, agricultural productivity, building materials, soil suitability for septic systems, chemical and gas migration, water supply, and species habitat.
Glacial Landscape Sculpting

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HydroQuest has been involved in a number of projects in Florida. These range from testifying on adverse environmental impacts to people and the endangered Florida panther stemming from a proposed wildcat oil well, to routing of a gas pipeline, to providing geologic documentation of potential spring contamination resulting from deep injection of drilling waste into carbonate bedrock.

Other Work Projects Include:

Paul Rubin geologist

Stratigraphic Analysis

Paul Rubin spring water contamination

Geologic Cross Section

Paul Rubin geologist

Structural Analysis

Paul Rubin geologist

Geochemical Assessment

Paul Rubin geologist

Earthquake Probability Analysis

Paul Rubin geologist

Bedrock Mapping and Characterization