Paul Rubin is an expert Hydrologist, Karst Hydrologist, Geologist, and hydrogeologist
Paul Rubin is an expert consultant in Hydrology, Geology, Hydrogeology, and Karst.

Property Site Evaluations & Pond Siting

HydroQuest can assist you in wisely selecting property for your home or business. Additionally, HydroQuest can evaluate existing geologic and hydrologic conditions on your property that may be contributing to wetness and building settling or may be taken advantage of to create a beautiful pond. Thinking of buying a cave or mine for possible commercialization - contact HydroQuest.
Forest Lands

Thinking of Purchasing Vacant or Developed property?

I can help with all these questions.

Services Include

Example Work Project

Long before the principal of HydroQuest was consulting full time, he worked with concerned citizens to evaluate the quantity of water available in Minnewaska Lake, as well as in nearby wells and the Peters Kill for a proposed large-scale private resort. Major field work, hydrologic analysis, and report preparation documented the lack of sufficient water needed to advance the project. Today, this area is known as Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

Other Work Projects Include:

Where to put my pond

Siting Considerations

Where to site my pond

Pond Siting & Design

Steep Slope Soil Failure, landslides, mudslides

Steep Slope Soil Failure

Soil Permeability Assessment

Soil Permeability Evaluation

Septic siting and placement

Septic Absorption Evaluation

basement leaking

Evaluation of Basement Water Source